Sunday, March 23, 2014

Only an Only Child

So it literally just occurred to me today as we were snuggling on the couch, that Sophie is only going to be an only child for three more months. Today marks trimester #3, by the way ;-).

Even though I'm pregnant, I've been suffering from major guilt over not being more active and getting more done around the house during the day (which shouldn't surprise anyone since I have a major guilt complex to begin with. If I didn't have this to feel guilty over, I'm sure I'd find something else). I think that since I know I'm a naturally lazy person, I am always paranoid about whether I'm being lazy, especially when it comes to my roles as a wife and mom. Even when I have a legit reason to take things easy, there's always that nagging feeling that I should be doing something. The realization that these were going to be our last few months with just she and I did wonders to relieve a lot of that guilt. After all, if I didn't spend this time with her, I know I would just feel guilty later for NOT spending more one-on-one time with her before the baby arrived.

Speaking of quality time, tomorrow we're getting in a good chunk of it (circa two hours) since I'm taking her with me when I get my glucose test done at the OB. I'm a tad nervous, but they have an amazing play area that will be completely new to her, and I figure if I get desperate I can always show her movies on my phone or let her run up and down the halls a bit... Stay tuned.

I'd forgotten how much the third trimester feels like the first trimester as far as the fatigue factor is concerned. Fortunately for me, Sophie seems to be going through some kind of a growth spurt and has been sleeping a lot more during the day (although she's also been sleeping a lot LESS at night, so I guess overall that isn't much of a plus).

Well, that's about it, just wanted to sneak in a quick update while I had a minute. That's a wrap!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bangin' in Baltimore


For those of you who have no idea, I used to have bangs, and then I didn't. And now I have them again. So that's why they're back.

This is a totally gratuitous selfie, because it makes me look way more model-esque than I do in real life, but I can't help being proud of getting the lighting and the angle just right (no filter!).

This past weekend was my birthday weekend, and Bryan's folks came in town to hang out, which worked out great because he and I got to have a nice long date night since grandparents are the cheapest, most willing of babysitters.

While they were here, we spent Saturday at the Baltimore Aquarium, which we've been talking about doing literally since before we were married. We figured "Carpe Diem!" because if we waited until after baby #2 arrived, it probably wouldn't happen for another two years.

Check out the slideshow! (courtesy of the Disney Story app)

You guys, I forgot how much the third trimester B-L-O-W-S. Technically I am still a week away from that milestone, yet here I am, huge, and hugely uncomfortable to boot. I cannot, I CANNOT BELIEVE I still have FIFTEEN MORE WEEKS OF THIS BALONEY. Last night I was actually kept awake because I was being kicked in the pubic bone. I'm pretty sure babies have no business dropping that low until, oh, WEEK THIRTY-FIVE or so. Someone please tell this baby (s)he is approximately TEN WEEKS ahead of him/herself.

The only plus (and I have to admit, it's a pretty good one), is that I can feel so much more movement - lots of little feet and hands and elbows and knees (well actually, just two of each, ideally) serving as a blessed reminder that all this is leading up to someone truly spectacular.

I'm short but sweet tonight, folks, just like my trendy new bangs. Tune in next week to find out what other shenanigans we're getting into here at Rosenthal Central!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Say Something

I decided to give up Facebook for Lent again this year, partly because I'm a Facebook ADDICT, but this year, more specifically, so I would be forced to devote more time to blogging. So expect more posts over the next 40 days! Since I won't be sharing the links to my new posts on Facebook, I suggest you subscribe to this blog (and this one, if you so desire) so you know when a new post goes up. (You subscribe by scrolling to the very bottom of the homepage and clicking "Subscribe to: Posts".)

See what I did there? Nice plug, right?

My goal is to post at LEAST once every 2 weeks, preferably more like once a week.

I opted to give up Facebook, not because I spend so much time on there that I have none left over for blogging (That would actually be really sad), but because I've been reflecting and praying a lot about what my God-given talents are and how God wants me to use them. Writing is (or at least it was) probably the most notable of my gifts (it may actually be the only one of my gifts, but I refuse to give up the search for my less-notable talents just yet). Since college, however (OK, let's be honest -- since high school, since college gen-ed writing requirements are pretty much a joke), my skills in this area have been tragically underused. I was able to get through college exerting minimal literary effort and still received rave reviews on my writing abilities, if not always on the subject matter itself. I even re-used some of my high school essays.

Since college, I haven't had any jobs that called for much writing (and who does, right? Except maybe journalists).

I took up blogging as a way to get back into writing since I found that I missed it (It's one of those activities that gets me "in the zone", that's how I know I love it). I was uncomfortably startled to realize how much anxiety it caused me. In grade school and high school I journaled almost daily without giving it a thought. In high school and the beginning of college I had a blog that I maintained for a while, and I never stressed about what I was writing or how I was writing it. I now realize that this was because I was still used to writing. Now I am miserably out of practice and find myself staring at what I've just written and thinking, "Does that sound like me? Is that too generic? There has to be a more creative way of saying that. But then it isn't ME if I'm trying to hard, right? Or no??" and on and on until I've worked myself up into an actual FEAR of something I used to love so much.

To get back to Facebook… it is so easy to use Facebook as a substitute-blog. That would be fine if it didn't come at the expense of honing a talent that God gave me, one that he wouldn't have given me if he didn't want me to use it. I've fallen into the habit of tossing out status updates instead of sitting down and taking the time to really say something.

But practice makes progress, so over the next 40 days, I am purposing to get writing back in my life, dammit! And if that means banging out a hundred crappy posts before I'm finally warmed up enough to write something solid, that's OK. It's part of my journey. And it will be a good lesson in patience, discipline, and humility -- all things that God knows I need a lot more of.

I'm hoping that along the way, I'm able to figure out exactly what I want this whole thing to look like. Right now I have two blogs - this one, where I post more general, family-oriented updates, and one for my thoughts on religion, politics, etc. A post like this one almost seems to fall into a third category though, because it isn't exactly a family update, but it isn't a social commentary either. Does that mean I need a third blog that's like, my journal? That would be a bit much. Can I combine one or more of these concepts into a single blog? Hopefully, the more I write, the clearer the answer will become. Hopefully I will realize I'm more passionate about one than the others. Or maybe Facebook will just become the place for family updates and the blogs will encompass everything else. We shall see.

Speaking of family updates though, I feel like you all deserve one since it's been quite a while.

First (drumroll, please)… A BELLY PHOTO!! Approaching 25 weeks, baby…

Also, it turns out my due date is JUNE 22nd, NOT June 24th as I was first told. The sooner the better!

I'm feeling really good. The baby is moving a lot and everything looks great. I'm just praying that this little one doesn't have Sophie's crazy energy level. Mama needs a breeeeeak!

Tomorrow I will be 29 years old. I'm trying not to be totally vain and dwell on the fact that this will be my last year as a twenty-something. It's not like turning 30 is going to magically turn me into a completely different person overnight. But there is still this sense of finality and the end of an era. Although of course that means the beginning of a new era (Actually, it's already begun) -- one that, despite my quarter-life crisis, I am very much looking forward to!

That about wraps it. I'm off to execute a MUCH overdue hair coloring. Tune in next week to see the results!