Wednesday, September 5, 2012

one year later...

can anyone else not believe that we've been married (almost) a whole year already? can anyone else furthermore not believe that we've been expecting for 7 out of those 12 months?? does anyone else even think about either of those things? probably not; probably just us. nevertheless, it's all very mind-bottling (yes, bottling. haven't you seen "blades of glory"? sheesh). 

originally, bryan was supposed to be in hong kong for our actual anniversary, so we made hotel reservations at the fancy shmanchy gaylord at national harbor for the weekend of august 10th, one month before the big day. even though bryan's trip ended up getting indefinitely postponed, this turned out to be a good move, because who knew how much i would not feel like taking boat trips, hiking around old town alexandria, and not being within 15 steps of a bathroom at all times one month later while 8 months pregnant? (other women who have been pregnant before, that's who.) much better to do those things while you're still only 7 months. it just makes sense. 

anyway, we did do all those things, and a bit more, including (drumroll, please)... WATCHING CIRQUE DU SOLEIL PERFORMERS IN THE HOTEL LOBBY!

no joke. and if you think that's some swanky hotel entertainment, you should know that every saturday night they have a fireworks show over the harbor, which everyone watches through top-to-bottom windows of the lobby:

where else can you sit and watch circus performers in the middle of your hotel, then turn your chair around to watch a breathtaking fireworks display over the water while some very talented jazz musicians and a singer serenade you from a platform, all without having to get up or put down your cocktail? (don't answer that, i prefer to pretend the gaylord is the only place on earth where such magic takes place.) 

where was i... oh right, the next day... that looked something like this:

ta-da! our hotel!

this guy was amazing! his name is jamey turner and you should look him up. he's kinda a big deal...

here's to another year of wedded bliss... ;-)