Thursday, August 15, 2013

stream of consciousness

ever notice how the longer you put something off the harder it becomes to do it? and then it's just the opposite when you do something more frequently. that's how it is with me and writing. i know i just posted yesterday but it felt good and i wanna to do it again.

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found this prize at the end of someone's driveway this morning:

wonder what people would do if i left this at the end of my driveway...

hehe, look how wigged-out she looks ;-) we had this exact same car in red when i was a kid. or maybe it was yellow. let's meet in the middle and say it was orange. i loved that little orange car...

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i'm such an obnoxious grammar freak (says the girl writing in all lowercase). i just used the "contact us" link on a website i was browsing to inform them of a misspelling i'd detected. #grammartool

in my defense, they were very grateful. i would want to know if there was a misspelling on my website. after all, it's the face of your business. you're welcome, (it's still there, by the way. see if you can find it...)

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i could probably write a whole post on this, but i have totally become one of those people who uses text and email as a crutch to never ever ever have to pick up a phone. especially at work. it's really a problem. terry asks me all the time, "why don't you just pick up the phone and call him?" whenever i have to inform him that so-and-so still has not responded to the 87 emails i've sent.

why not indeed? when i was a kid, i had no choice, so it was a discomfort i was forced to confront on a regular, healthy basis. i was actually making some emotional progress until the damn internet and cell phone pranced onto the scene.

it's gotten so bad, that while lamenting the fact that we never see each other anymore, i actually said this to jule:

"dude, i have an idea! we should talk on the phone like we did back in the day!" 

way to go, socrates. you should start a blog. 

*                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *

so, i always forget when it's a holy day of obligation. today, for once, i remembered. and by "i remembered" i obviously mean "my mom reminded me". i've felt like such a bad catholic lately and so i was all pumped to go to mass with her and my dad, and what happens right as we're ready to head out? the baby falls asleep. i wake her up, she freaks out, i rush into thomas' room to calm her down, and what happens then? she calms down. and falls asleep. again. 

now my folks are at mass getting showered with grace and i am sitting on the edge of thomas' bed lest she roll off of it. i know it's the intent that counts, but, i mean... geeze. i kinda felt like i needed this. oh well. time to shake it off, put down the computer, and think holy thoughts.

i'll leave you all with a couple of big ol' "i'll miss you" faces from the woman of the hour.

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