Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas in Photos

Well, I think I actually accomplished it this year. By starting early and ending late, I actually managed to cram so much of Christmas into the past two months that I am officially OVER CHRISTMAS. There. I said it. But this is actually a very good thing, because it means my Christmas tank got filled to the brim, which hasn't happened in many years. And while I've come to accept the fact that Christmas will never hold the same magic and wonder that it did when I was a kid, that's OK. Having one of my own brought a little bit of that magic back this year, and I can only hope that each new addition to our family will come with just a little bit more. 

So without further ado, I give you, Christmas in photos...

(Heading to the Leesburg Christmas parade with Dalgettys)

(Stocking up on salt before the big storm)

(First time in the snow!)

(Santa came to the POP Christmas party!)

(Bryan's fan came in town the weekend before Christmas to celebrate...)

(… and brought some awesome gifts!)
(Christmas Eve: "The Night Before Christmas", "Home Alone", and takeout Thai)

(Christmas morning: Baking Grandmom McNichol's famous Cornflake Cookies and watching "A Christmas Story")

(Christmas afternoon/evening at the McNichol house)

(My favorite gifts this year: Adorable slouchy hat that Bryan surprised me with and the ankle boots I wanted sooooo badly!)

(Annual "Day After" celebration with the extended McNichol family in Philly)

("This guy is everywhere…!")

(These have been in the family for years and years. SO. COOL.)

(Cousins' White Elephant exchange)

Happy close of the holiday season from our family to yours!

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