Friday, July 11, 2014


So far today, I have put Sophie's PJs in the trash instead of the laundry basket, and the aluminum foil in the dishwasher instead of under the sink.

This is probably a pretty accurate stage setting for how the rest of my day is likely to go. Which isn't surprising, given the fact that Bryan stayed up with me until way too late watching "House" on Netflix.

He had initially suggested we go to bed early and only watch 1 episode instead of 2, and I had actually burst into tears. It suddenly hit me how much I had come to look forward all day to spending that time together in the evenings (which actually counts as QUALITY time, by the way, since we basically talk throughout anything we watch together. He'll tell you that I'm the one doing most of the talking, but that's only because he gets so involved, he doesn't actually remember speaking. No joke.). I had especially been looking forward to it that evening, since the night before, I'd been forced to put myself to bed early because I was so tired, the room had literally been SPINNING. (This has only happened to me once before in my life, when Jule, Annalisa and I went to South Bend for the Trinity at Greenlawn prom, and I pretty much didn't sleep the entire weekend. On the way home, I found myself gazing out the window at oscillating fields of corn... But I digress.) It's amazing how the thought of 2 episodes of "House" and a glass of wine with another adult can get you through the day when that is literally the only grown-up interaction you will be having all day every day (for the most part). The fact that that other adult happens to be Bryan is, of course, a bonus ;-).

So after my dramatic moment, Bryan suggested that he watch the baby while I take a shower (He knows that a shower that includes time to actually shave my legs is a much sought-after commodity in the life of Theresee) and then we finish watching that coveted second episode in bed on the iPad. That could not have sounded more amazing to me. When we had finished, he did the best thing he could have possibly done at that moment. He turned to me and said, "Wanna watch a third?" I started tearing up again, which is pathetic. But that is my life. Right now, that is. And honestly, it kinda feels nice to be in a place where life is so simple (albeit BUSY), that it doesn't take much to get me to cry happy tears.

Oh, and then he got up with Sophie this morning so that I could sleep an extra hour. God bless Bryan.

In complete other news, I just took BOTH girls to the park AT THE SAME TIME! This, coupled with the fact that last weekend we drove to OH and back, officially makes us experts. Feel free to ask our advice on all things parenting.

I'll leave you with a few of our latest and greatest. Happy weekend!

 One week old!
 Meeting GranDon

Grandma Cathy

This is becoming a thing around here... 


At least once a night I have to bring her into the bed with me in order to get her to fall back asleep. It's kinda annoying and also kinda adorable... 

Her new favorite game: Playing "washing" hands/dishes #notcomplaining

Watching fĂștbol  

The fam on the 4th at Atwood Lake in OH 


At the Rosenthals. Thanks to Auntie Sarah for the awesome pool! 

Our little firecracker with the great-grandmas 

Verity's 2-week appt - First outing with both girls! 


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