Tuesday, August 21, 2012

holden beach 2012

we started this a few weeks ago and then, well, life happened in the meantime, as it often does. so this is all a bit overdue, but we can't let any more time go by without a (drumroll, please)... HOLDEN BEACH RECAP!!

the mcnichol fam has been making the annual pilgrimage to Holden Beach, NC for about 15 years now. the crowd always varies slightly from year to year, but the 2012 installment was especially unique because we had the whole Rosenthal clan along for the ride =).

bryan's folks rented a house around the corner from the Bassett beachfront home and between the two houses there ended up being a grand total of 16 of us (16 at once, anyway. Lisa made 17 but she left before my brothers arrived).

normally i'm someone who has a hard time with change, especially where annual traditions are concerned, but this year's trip was a change in the BEST kind of way.

for one thing, we had enough people for a guys-versus-girls game of beach volley ball, followed by some cornhole...

... skin boarding... (Papa Rosenthal would NOT give up on that thing. it was downright inspirational.)

personal favorite ;-)

(this photo was stolen from Bryan's sister's friend, Kathryn)

one night the girls all made homemade salsa and guacamole...

and then of course there were the good old Holden Beach traditions, like John's 24th birthday (the birthday part is tradition, anyway - the number tends to change every year)...

... post-dinner jam sessions...

... and general, all-around fun and togetherness =)

Vince and his friend, Grant.

John with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Bryan's brother Stephen and his girlfriend, Emily.



this magical week went by far too quickly and culminated in a beach photoshoot, courtesy of the brothers Rosenthal:

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