Thursday, August 9, 2012


happy thursday! at the moment we are unwinding to "property brothers" after enjoying a fabulous garlic-teriyaki-ginger-steak-peppers-pasta dinner creation concocted by the brain of bryan whilst catching up on the USA women's olympic soccer MAGIC.

a few months ago we snatched up a groupon deal for this weekend on a 2-night stay at the gaylord national harbor hotel for an early 1-year anniversary getaway. we definitely don't plan on doing a lot of blogging while we're away, and so i give you, in no particular order...


my FREE Rent the Runway dress that was only good for saturday, forcing us to make it a date night...

... at Mazadar Kabob in Fairfax. how cool is that couch seating?? (you can't tell, but it has a fountain inside too!)
the Dubai Desert Maxi made a surprisingly cute maternity outfit!

i had an OB appointment on monday, which isn't particularly exciting in itself, but i was psyched out of my mind when my doc nonchalantly began rattling off body parts, "okay... there's the head, and that's a foot, spine - great!" i shot my head up and gasped, "wait, where?!?" i watched in absolute fascination as he proceeded to tell me exactly how the baby was positioned and where everything was. it was amazing to be able to actually picture just where this little person was (and what exactly was poking me!). 

speaking of poking, we're a little concerned about the fact that this child apparently never sits still... like, ever. since i was 17 weeks, we've been able to feel him/her kicking, poking, rolling around, the whole 9 yards. and at pretty much every appointment (monday's being no exception), the heart rate has held steady around 160. people tell us that this is usually a pretty good indication of what we can expect in the future... God help us!

luckily, the past few appointments have received such rave reviews as, "absolutely perfect!", "you couldn't ask for a better report than this", and "normally we'd want to see you back again in 2 weeks, but everything looks great - i think we can wait another 4". 

that about sums it up, actually. please excuse us while we pass out early... 

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