Thursday, April 24, 2014


Nothing huge to report, today was just a really NICE day. 

Sophie and I ate breakfast together at the table for the first time (as opposed to her watching Baby Einstein from her high chair while I squeeze in a few extra Z's).

She entertained herself and actually let me get some laundry and other stuff done like bills and emails and placing some orders online (bumpers for the toddler bed... bittersweet!). Then she ate a nice healthy lunch of brown rice, chicken, veggies and pineapple (point for Mama!!).

After lunch she slept for a whopping 2.5 hours, long enough for me to get some lunch myself, finish up the laundry and take a nap. 

It was gorgeous out today, so we spent the rest of the day outside. First we took a long walk around town, which included a stop at the historic "little church" of St. John's. Then we stopped back home to check the mail, pick dandelions, and sidewalk chalk it up....

... Then it was time to cross the street to visit the park.

After that, it was dinner time, and she pleasantly surprised me by eating her SECOND healthy meal of the day! More brown rice, sausage, and lots and lots of veggies. I kept asking if she was all done and she repeatedly informed me that no, she wanted more VEGGIES. I am so doing something right. I wish I knew what it was so I could do it on purpose... 

ANYWAY, after dinner I got her into her new nightgown from Grandma Cathy, which happens to match her baby doll's nightgown...

I know, it's adorbs, right? And the baby is seriously life-sized as well. And it giggles. And drinks the bottle. Mind. Blown.

Sophie's vocabulary has seriously more than doubled over the past couple of weeks. Also, she has grown out of most of her clothes. We just upgraded to a toddler car seat and ordered a toddler mattress to go on her toddler bed. And she is wearing a NIGHTGOWN. Not footsie pajamas. A big girl nightgown. My baby is officially no more. Thank God we're having another one in a little over 8 weeks or I might get depressed.

That reminds me, I still owe the world a belly pic. Once again I am not properly attired (Trust me, you do not want to see any midriff from me right now). I promise to get on that STAT!

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