Monday, April 14, 2014

A Series of Sporadic Pauses

I think it's a little hilarious that I thought, in giving up Facebook for Lent, I would spend all that extra time focusing on my writing and discerning the future direction of my blogs. As if I had these designated chunks of time that I was dedicating to Facebook rather than a series of sporadic pauses peppered throughout my day. There isn't a whole lot of opportunity for productivity to be gleaned from a series of sporadic pauses. And those precious chunks of time, when they do occur, tend to be spent preoccupied with baby prepping. So while my blogs look more or less the same, I CAN, however, say that I have at least used more of that time for writing than I usually would, and therefore I consider my Lenten venture more or less a success!

Speaking of baby prepping... Yesterday officially marked 30 WEEKS! I honestly can't believe it. My brain has been preparing, but it really hasn't sunk in after all this time that there is actually going to be a baby in this house again. Another human being. We are going to be a family of four. When I think about the fact that, at the age my mother got married, I will have two children, it blows me away. In a good way =). God knows how many people struggle to conceive, how relatively short a time fertility lasts in a woman's life, how commonly miscarriages occur between pregnancies; and only he knows how many child-bearing years I have left ahead of me. And so I consider myself so, so blessed to have two already (almost), and so close in age at that.

(I wanted to post an updated belly pic, because I have truly gotten huge, but the ones I tried to take just now on my computer did not do it justice because my t-shirt covers it up, so I'll have to try again after I've secured a more competent wardrobe.)

On a completely different topic, Bryan and I recently failed as parents (for the first time, mind you) and broke down and gave Sophie her OWN PHONE. I know. I know. I played the ol' pregnancy card and complained about how much easier it is to keep her occupied by letting her play games on my phone (yes, she can do that, it's gross) since it's getting more and more difficult to chase her around, much less lift her. So we activated my old iPhone4 and promised ourselves it was just until the baby gets here.

Right. Check in later to see how THAT one goes...

It really is so much easier now though. I can lie on the couch like a beached whale without worrying about her climbing all over my stomach, which is like, her favorite thing, or whining to go out every five minutes like some dog with a UTI.

On the other hand, it is an AMAZING feeling for me to have gotten my kid to WILLINGLY consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis for almost TWO WEEKS now!! I feel like a super hero. I pretty much literally think she is now going to be a brain surgeon, what with all the essential nutrients flowing through her veins. It is seriously too good to be true. Hopefully this kinda makes up for the whole "gave-my-18-month-old-her-own-iPhone" thing.

I told Bryan last night, "I just realized something. Someday our kids are going to be old enough to ask us why THEY have to eat fruits and vegetables when we don't. We are totally going to have to start eating that crap." Le sigh. Such is life. #firstworldproblems

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