Sunday, March 23, 2014

Only an Only Child

So it literally just occurred to me today as we were snuggling on the couch, that Sophie is only going to be an only child for three more months. Today marks trimester #3, by the way ;-).

Even though I'm pregnant, I've been suffering from major guilt over not being more active and getting more done around the house during the day (which shouldn't surprise anyone since I have a major guilt complex to begin with. If I didn't have this to feel guilty over, I'm sure I'd find something else). I think that since I know I'm a naturally lazy person, I am always paranoid about whether I'm being lazy, especially when it comes to my roles as a wife and mom. Even when I have a legit reason to take things easy, there's always that nagging feeling that I should be doing something. The realization that these were going to be our last few months with just she and I did wonders to relieve a lot of that guilt. After all, if I didn't spend this time with her, I know I would just feel guilty later for NOT spending more one-on-one time with her before the baby arrived.

Speaking of quality time, tomorrow we're getting in a good chunk of it (circa two hours) since I'm taking her with me when I get my glucose test done at the OB. I'm a tad nervous, but they have an amazing play area that will be completely new to her, and I figure if I get desperate I can always show her movies on my phone or let her run up and down the halls a bit... Stay tuned.

I'd forgotten how much the third trimester feels like the first trimester as far as the fatigue factor is concerned. Fortunately for me, Sophie seems to be going through some kind of a growth spurt and has been sleeping a lot more during the day (although she's also been sleeping a lot LESS at night, so I guess overall that isn't much of a plus).

Well, that's about it, just wanted to sneak in a quick update while I had a minute. That's a wrap!

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